Frequently Asked Questions

Listing some of the most asked or enquired set of questions about orders, care and shipping


What is Planty?

Planty is a succulent boutique, bringing a range of homegrown plants into a personal tabletop garden for you and your loved ones. These giftable box gardens aim to add to your calm and are easy to maintain. We at Planty strive to bring greener and mindful habits to your lifestyle, one little plant at a time.

What are succulent plants?

Succulents are plants with leaves or stem that are thickened, fleshy, and engorged, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. They don’t need much water to thrive and they don’t like humidity. Therefore, they are easy to care for even if you forget to water them for upto a couple of weeks.

What can I expect in my order?

Your order will include pre-planted succulents along with a care guide and watering and repotting tools.

Can I send my order to someone else?

Yes. We intend to package our Gardens as gifts - to yourself or your loved ones anywhere in India.

Can I choose the succulent plants I want for my Garden?

You can choose succulent combinations from our variety of Gardens that are carefully curated depending on succulents that go well together.

How long does a Garden last when I bring one home?

The health of your succulents will vary depending on the environment and care. When properly cared for, succulent plants last from a few weeks to several months. For detailed instructions on how to take care for your succulents, please refer to the care guide.


What should I do when I receive my Garden?

When your garden arrives, carefully open the box as soon as you can. Do not shake, tilt or turn the box. You can place it on a clean, dry surface with bright but indirect sunlight. Do not keep under direct sunlight. The plants might need a slight brush-off, as soil may shift in transit. Using the water dropper (included in the garden), water your plants as directed in the care guide.

How do I take care of my Garden?

Place the succulent box on a clean, dry surface with bright but indirect sunlight. Do not keep under direct sunlight. Water once every 7-10 days near the stem with the given dropper. Do not overwater. This box serves as a planter. Do not shake, tilt or turn the box. Do not cover the box once it’s been opened. For comprehensive instructions, please refer to the care guide.

Are the Garden boxes reusable?

Of course. We’re trying to keep our packaging as upcyclable as possible. We recommend cutting our sleeve covers into bookmarks, while the top lid can be used as a container for anything you wish to keep, from stationery, bedside belongings to makeup essentials.

My succulents are dying. What should I do?

That depends on the environment they’ve been in. If you have watered them more often that once a week, leave them alone in a well lit space with indirect sunlight. If you haven’t watered them at all, please do so as directed in the care guide.

My succulents seem to have outgrown the box. What should I do?

Re-pot when a succulent outgrows the box, with the given wooden tool. Use cactus mix and a pot with drainage when repotting.


Do you ship products all over India?

Yes, we are currently shipping our Gardens to most cities in the country.

How long does an order usually take to deliver?

For order processing time up to 04 days and transit time up to 6 days so it can take up to 10 days to deliver to the customers location.

Bulk Orders

Do you take corporate orders? How can I place such an order?

Yes. Since our Gardens are made to order, we suggest placing your order as far in advance as possible. Please email and one of our gifting specialists will assist you.

I want to place a bulk order for an event. What is the minimum order quantity?

Bulk orders are subject to availability of Gardens types. Please email to know more.

Do you customize cover designs and branding for corporate orders?

Yes. We are suckers for good design and we’d love to do so for your bulk orders. Please email to make your boxes your way.