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Parsley Herb Grow Kit

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Grow delicious, gourmet herbs for your meals right at home with our all-new Parsley Grow KitIts self watering system takes just a few steps to assemble and in very little time and effort, you’ll have your own mini kitchen garden.

*Note: The herbs may vary from the website image when they grow. This is based on care and environment. Wrapper design may differ.

Product Description

• The Self-Watering Planter material is plastic.
• This Herb Kit comes in a delivery box measuring approx. 4.5” x 4.5" x 6.8” with the choice of your greeting.

What's in the box?

• Self-Watering Planter
• Pumice Stones
• 2 Coco Peat Discs
• Seeds
• Vermicompost

Seed Details

• Tastes peppery taste
• Used in soups, salads, grilled vegetables, dressings
• Soak see for 12-24 hrs before planting
• Germination: 7-20 days
• Harvest: 30-40 days


• For best results, do follow instructions given in the care guide with this kit.
• Look out for plant molds, root rot and overall health, do not confuse it with fuzzy root hair.
• Read Further in


We don’t accept returns on plants or kits as they tend to perish or destroy in multiple transits. Please note that some plants might look a little dull due to transit stress. But exposure to sunlight and proper care will revive the plant to its natural healthy state.